Coverture Chocolate & Your Health

There’s a reason why the delectable chocolate flavour in our cakes is leagues above any chocolate you’ve ever tasted.   That rich intensity and the wonderfully mellow melt-in-your mouth character of our chocolate is a hallmark of the Callebaut couverture...

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A Brief History of Christmas Cakes

Whether you enjoy Christmas Cake or not, Christmas doesn’t tend to feel the same without this traditional treat. It appears as a simple gift from your workplace, an option on many dessert menu’s leading up to Christmas Day and out of your freezer throughout the...

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Colour: Never an Afterthought

There’s a magic ingredient in cake preparation; a secret ingredient that is at once so obvious and unobtrusive that it is often overlooked: colour! Colour is often seen as an add-on, a bit of extra spice that can easily be done without; when actually, colour affects...

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Keeping the Top Tier – It’s a Tradition!

The wedding cake is a beautiful centrepiece in most weddings, but for many couples it’s much more than that. There’s a time-honoured tradition that involves carefully saving the top layer to share after the first stage of married life is over, during the firstborn’s...

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Hanging Chandelier Cake

Kirsty Ivanov and Sam Dalzell won the Australian Bridal Industry Academy's (ABIA) QLD Bride-to-Be competition which included $34,000 worth of Wedding Prizes. A Little Cake Place was to provide the wedding cake for Kirsty and Sam’s Wedding Package. When Kirsty came to...

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Skills Training with John Quai Hoi

Owner of My Cake Delights, John Quai Hoi has been decorating for over 25 years and has taught/demonstrated around Australia and internationally. From novelty work to figure modelling; sugar flowers and intricate pipework.; chocolate, buttercream and even blown sugar...

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Skills Training with Carlos Lischetti

Self-motivated to learn as much as he could from the world's top sugarcrafters, Carlos Lischetti has quickly become a leader in sugarcrafting himself. Carlos found inspiration in working with his twin brother, Elio, to create truly inspired figurines. I had a...

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Happy 1st Birthday to Us!

Happy 1st Birthday A Little Cake Place! After officially opening the business on 8 September 2012, commemorated at our Launch Soiree, A Little Cake Place has had a great year! Here are some of our achievements throughout 2012-2013: In February 2013 A Little Cake Place...

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Frankly Sweet with Frances McNaughton

Frances McNaughton, owner of Frankly Sweet, made the long trip from the UK to visit us in Australia. Author of a 11 books (and another one on the way), Frances is an expert at miniature sugarcraft modelling. Last week I went up to Toowoomba's Merivale Cakes and Crafts...

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