Self-motivated to learn as much as he could from the world’s top sugarcrafters, Carlos Lischetti has quickly become a leader in sugarcrafting himself.¬†Carlos found inspiration in working with his twin brother, Elio, to create truly inspired figurines.

I had a wonderful time with Carlos during his recent trip to Australia following the release of his first book, Animation in Sugar. In fact, I especially flew down to Melbourne for the privilege of attending a handful of Carlos’ demonstrations and workshops.

Carlos is a fantastic teacher and really paid attention to all participants in his workshops. I was constantly impressed with the simplicity of Carlos’ techniques, but as he said ‘It takes a lot of practice, trial and error to get to this stage and find what works best’. Really, it is very generous of Carlos to be sharing his secrets so readily! Despite occasional¬†language barriers, which only made the experience more enjoyable, every one of us walked away thrilled with our masterpieces.



One creative participant turned her Moulin Rouge Dancer into a bathing beach beauty! It was fantastic to see the versatility of the character!


Although we were lucky enough to work on a character from Carlos’ next book, the Geisha, it is quite involved and relies heavily on the drying process. We therefore didn’t get a chance to finish our Geisha’s, however we were more than equiped with the knowledge and skills to complete them at home by the end of the workshop.

You can find more of Carlos’s amazing creation at his blog: