Frances McNaughton, owner of Frankly Sweet, made the long trip from the UK to visit us in Australia. Author of a 11 books (and another one on the way), Frances is an expert at miniature sugarcraft modelling.

Last week I went up to Toowoomba’s Merivale Cakes and Crafts to attend Frances’ Fancy Dressed Babies class. I just couldn’t help but gush over how cute they are! What surprised me is that they are really quite simple once you master the technique!

I was also privileged to attend a Private Tuition where we practiced facial expressions and hair styles for fairies and babies, as well as a variety of tiny sugar shoes among other things. It was invaluable chatting with Frances about her techniques which I can now apply to my own sugarcraft skills!

Frances also has quick tutorials available on her website and has produced her own Tiny Shoe Cutter Set and Multi-Mould to assist in modelling.

We really enjoyed your company Frances, sorry for feeding you so much cake!