Kirsty Ivanov and Sam Dalzell won the Australian Bridal Industry Academy’s (ABIA) QLD Bride-to-Be competition which included $34,000 worth of Wedding Prizes.

A Little Cake Place was to provide the wedding cake for Kirsty and Sam’s Wedding Package. When Kirsty came to A Little Cake Place for her cake tasting and consultation, she was still slightly overwhelmed at having won such an amazing prize, but full of excitement and enthusiasm. It was then that Kirsty presented the idea of a hanging chandelier cake of which she had a few separate images that had been created in the USA.

Excited for a challenge, Caitlin Mitchell (owner of A Little Cake Place) suggested ideas for the best design to ensure the cake looked like a real chandelier whilst ensuring it was still edible. The next stage was not as easy.

After the consultation, A Little Cake Place and Beedazzled Events worked hard to realise Kirsty’s dream wedding cake hanging from the ceiling.

A Little Cake Place sourced a unique cake stand, which was suitable and strong enough to support a 3 tier 12kg mud cake – upside down – hanging. A Little Cake Place also had to source crystals that were light enough to hang off a cake; large enough to see, but small enough so as not to over throw the design; and easily adaptable so that different lengths could be used as required. Beedazzled Events stylists Bianca Frankling and Asha Bea created the strong yet subtle support system so in the evening when the cake was to be cut; it would appear to be suspended in mid-air.

A trial run was held a month prior to the wedding date to ensure the support systems were strong enough to support the cake and also that they were suitable to support a hanging cake for a lengthy period of time. The trail run was an exceptional successful – perfect first time!

The only amendments were design changes as the length of the crystals were a bit short when viewing the cake from below.

On the day of the wedding, the cake was decorated on location at Maleny Manor  on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Two decorators were hard at work for 2.5hours from start to finish. Prior to arriving at the venue, each cake tier had already been covered with icing. Upon arrival at Maleny Manor, the cake tiers were stacked one by one screwing the centre support system in place between each tier. Once supported by the stand, the full cake was then hung and the crystals were attached to the cake. As the cake was only supported by a centre string from above, it was prone to spinning which proved to be an annoyance, but not a difficulty for the decorators. The lace, which was lustred to create a beautiful shine, was then placed over the crystals to hide the join. A string of pearls was placed above the lace as a finishing touch.

The cake was a huge feature and major hit. Guests were able to view the cake from below and above as it was located in the middle of the main winding stairwell at Maleny Manor. Apart from the crystals and string of pearls, the cake was entirely edible and the bride and groom were able cut the cake while it was hanging.