Jodi’s interest in cake decorating and design began in Home Economics class in early high school. She began with novel designs, such as a Pirate Cake, created for her brother’s birthday, and as the years progressed, Jodi continued honing her craft by decorating for close family and friends. In 2005 she decided to take a more formal approach to the craft after receiving a special-order cake for her daughter’s christening.

Inspired by the elaborate design, Jodi enrolled in a course with a well established decorator, Heather Mills and she fell for the art. After losing Ms Mills to a sudden illness, Jodie enrolled with Merivale Cakes & Crafts to continue with her course.

It was clear to Jodi that her interest was in the more delicate and detailed area of decorating and she began focusing on sugarcraft, figurines and 3D novelty cakes. Jodi will often practice new techniques and delights in the challenge, enjoying the artistic expression it allows.

Jodi has been invited to demonstrate her sugarcraft skills at many cake decorating expos and events and is a regular guest trainer at Merivale Cakes & Crafts.

Jodi’s novel designs and beautiful sugarcraft creations have been recognized in many cake decorating shows and competitions.