I am privileged enough to know many people living in various parts of the world and I find myself travelling for a variety of occasions…. and occasions always require cake!

Just this week I was in Japan for a good friend’s wedding, actually it was two of my friend’s marrying each other! I travelled with this cake from Australia to Sapporo, Hokkaido storing it in hand luggage. The bride and groom were thrilled to receive it and the guests were astonished at how a cake could travel so well and stay in tact. That is skill for you!

It wasn’t without a small panic moment. Going through Australian security when leaving the country, the x-ray machines weren’t able to see through the cake it was so dense! Security kept saying they might need to cut the cake to make sure it was safe! That was until they brought in an ‘expert’ who played around with the levels and managed to figure out the cake was cake – thank goodness for that!

Last year also, I took this cake down to Melbourne for my sister’s birthday. Didn’t have security issues with this one! Easier travelling within the same country! I took the flowers down separately and assembled the cake in Melbourne to avoid damage. My sister was amazed that I made her Magnolia’s, they’re her favourite flower so I knew she’d appreciate them!

We even sent a cake up to Cairns for a first birthday which travelled with the luck girl’s family. The cake travelled in hand luggage completely set up and arrived without damage. It even survived the hot days in Cairns for a few days before the party!

It has been an absolute delight creating these cakes and an added intrigue having the challenge of travelling with cake me before me. Who’s going to give me the next travelling order?